First steps towards a European collective action

The 2022 EIC Pathfinder call selected 44 projects – among 436 submitted proposals – for cutting-edge research to achieve breakthroughs in six strategic areas: Carbon dioxide and nitrogen management and valorisation; Mid to long-term and systems-integrated energy storage; Cardiogenomics; Technologies to support a radical shift from episodic to continuous healthcare; DNA-based digital data storage and Alternative approaches to quantum Information processing, communication, and sensing.

Collective action on Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen management and valorisation

In this context, ICONIC was selected alongside seven other projects forming a European collective action to overcome the challenges of climate change, placing the focus on developing new technologies and processes that allow the implementation of sustainable cycles of both carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Other projects propose several solutions to achieve sustainable CO2 and N cycles, such as using biomass residues, capturing and using CO2 and N2 directly from the air, developing double-active membranes and exploring microbial hydroponics, hydrogen oxidizing bacteria or engineered microbial strains.

The eight projects constitute the  CO2 and N management & valorisation portfolio, supervised and guided by the EIC. The Portfolio, which celebrated its first meeting last November 22nd in Brussels, will seek to join forces to boost the impact and innovation of the technology developed, foster potential cross-collaborations and reach a broader audience.

Stay tuned!

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