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Integrated conversion of Nitrate and Carbonate streams

Horizon Europe project funded by the European Innovation Council
What we do

Restore the ecosystem

By capturing and using CO2 and nitrates

We seek to transform nitrates and carbonates, which are damaging species responsible for eutrophication and ocean acidification.

Balance the nitrogen cycle

By reducing and recycling the nitrogen losses from agriculture

We will deploy a technology to mitigate the NOx presence on-site and locally powered with renewable energy sources, avoiding the energy and carbon footprint.

Produce valuable chemicals

By transforming carbonates and nitrates into urea and other valuable chemicals

Production of urea, the most important globally produced C-N chemical, using direct electrochemical routes in a single scalable system.

Our technology

How we do it

Novel approach

Innovative and interdisciplinary strategy

Sustainable production

High-value chemicals from abundant feedstocks

Integrated and scalable solution

Prototype suitable for large-scale implementation

About Us

The team

Leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise in chemistry, materials science, spectroscopy and engineering.

Our team is formed by both senior established and young emerging researchers with a track record of achievements from six international research institutions.

News & Events

What’s going on

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